Two lovely big cocks

Here i am again this time at chavleycourt where i get to fuck not one but two huge delightful cocks well the boys soon have big smiles when i take cock in my mouth cause i know just what i’m doing and how to hit the right spots when i’m flicking my tongue round the bell end and then deep throating all the way down cor i just love cock and am always hungry for more…

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Sexy stocking slut.

 Here i am again but i’m in my tatty ripped fishnets and looking like a right old slapper,well i am and i’m proud of it i love sex and the filthier the better take a good look at me with my finger in my sweet mouth i bet you’d love that to be your filthy cock, well i would too, oh boy i just love flicking my tongue round a nice fat cock,do you like me wearing my fishnet stockings? do they please you?well take a long look at my diaries just click on my sexy pic to go straight into your fantasies……

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sexy silky stockings…

sexy stockings

WOW! look at me in my sexy black and white basque with my silky smooth black stockings on my lovely long legs,i love the feel of stockings against my skin and simply adore having sex with them on especially when the man twangs the suspender against my thighs just look how the top fits snugly round my nice sexy thighs and i always wear high heels with them ooooh i feel so sexy could you resist me…………

Have you noticed my wonderful pink wrinkled dildo on the floor i just bet you’d love to ram that up my sweet juicy cunt while i rub my silky stockings against you …………

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Pegging my nipples.

Oh what a kinky bitch i am just look at me sticking all those nipping pegs on my sweet nipples i just love the way they send my nipples numb with pain,i can’t resist giving them a pull to stretch my nipples to extreme pleasure,come and watch me has i perform for you this glorious fetish,remember me masie dee in your dirty dreams has you sleep or even when your pegging out your washing


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Masie is dripping with wax.

ooooooh hot wax.

Hi Masie here, well i just love candles,all colours shapes and sizes,but i dont use them just for decoration i love to light them and drip the hot scented wax all over my tender body,the very feel of it dropping nice and hot onto my pretty pert tits letting it melt all down to my nipples and then peeling it off gives me such an orgasmic feeling.

But the best is when i let it drip onto my thighs and pussy,warm melted wax all over my sweet clit,such a wonderful sensation and i just love it when a man with a huge cock drips it onto me while i’m nibbling on the bell end of his cock.

Hot exciting melted wax ooooh its giving me such a thrill sharing it with you visit my diary so i can share all my fantasys with you.xxxx

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Introducing Masie Dee

Hi Iim Masie Dee and this page is sort of and introduction to you from me, let me tell you about myself well i just love sex and nothing pleases me more than to perform infront of the camera for justinhole and willy stroker is where you can see me and some more chavvy sluts get down and downright filthy. is where i have loadsa dirty slutty times in the back of a dirty white van,you can also read my diaries full of filth and dirty sex  this is my blog all about my dirty filthy sexy and slutty adventure so read on and all enjoy the pleasures of me Masie Dee. x

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